Difference between the Hospitality and Travel Industry

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What is the Hospitality Industry?

So, what is the hospitality industry? First, it is important to explain what we mean by the hospitality industry. After all, it is a broad range, and while most people have a basic idea of ​​the types of businesses that are considered hospitality as a very small number can provide a consistent and satisfying explanation of what an industry is, and what is not. Here I am going to describe the difference between the Hospitality and Travel Industry.

Basically put, the hospitality industry targets a diversity of industries and services related to leisure and customer satisfaction. The descriptive feature of the hospitality industry and the fact is that it focuses on ideas of luxury, fun, entertainment, and experience, rather than supplying necessities and essentials.

Difference between the Hospitality and Travel Industry

The hospitality and travel industry closely links, but there are also definite differences that you should be aware of. At a basic level, the tourism or tourism industry is concerned with the services of people who leave their place of residence, for a short period of time.

In contrast, the Travel industry is concerned with services related to comfort and customer satisfaction. This could mean providing services to tourists, but could also include the provision of services to non-tourists, such as locals who enjoy their free time, or people who come to the area for non-tourist reasons.

Sectors within the Hospitality Industry

1) Accommodation

The residential sector in the hospitality industry is worried about offering customers a place to stay short-term accommodation. It strongly compares with the tourism industry, where people book vacations or travel and need comfort, but the accommodation industry also caters to locals who want a short break from their daily routine or those who need temporary accommodation for almost any other purpose.

Bed & Breakfasts – Hospitality and Travel Industry

Beds and Breakfast, also known as B&Bs, are small centers, offering late stays and breakfast. Most B&B owners live in the area, while guests are offered a private room, and, in most cases, will have a private bathroom suite. However, you share bathrooms sometimes.Hospitality and Travel Industry


Hostels are a public place of home, where many guests often sleep in a shared room, with guests successfully renting a bed. Bathrooms and kitchens often share and hostels offer less privacy than hotels. However, they are usually much cheaper, making them a solid option for those on a low budget.

Serviced Apartments

Other types of services such as hotels, rooms that service by private units provide for temporary or long-term comfort. These apartments will usually be fully furnished, will contain a kitchen, and can provide a variety of tools such as hotel-like services, like laundry, and cleaning.

2) Food & Drinks

While food and drink are a necessity, many food and beverage services also fall under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. As they give people a way to use their leisure time and available income. As well as the opportunity to enjoy and socialize the experience. Also, the food and beverage industry caters to a wide range of customers, including tourists, locals, temporary managers, and passersby.

Restaurants – Hospitality and Travel Industry

Restaurants give customers food and beverage services, with food that can be eaten at the company or taken for a bite to eat. This category of hospitality includes good restaurants, fast food restaurants, and also other types of restaurants.

Bars & Cafés

Good bars and restaurants offer customers the option to go out, have fun, and enjoy food and drink. They tend to be a casual option than most residential restaurants. Cafés usually focus on coffee, tea, and snacks, while bars often prioritize fermented beverages and soft drinks, and can provide extra entertainment.

3) Travel and Tourism

It is important to know that the hospitality and travel industry are thoroughly related. Many of the services ranging as tourism industry are also hospitality offerings. As they link to entertainment, customer happiness, joy, experience, and the use of disposable income. Most importantly, the change between the tourism industry and the hospitality industry focuses on services, rather than end products.

Travel Agents

Basically, travel agents serve to sell travel products to customers, on behalf of dealers. They will often obtain payment for successful sales and can be a suitable option for young travelers, providing them with guidance on the best travel products for their particular needs.Hospitality and Travel Industry

Tour Operators

The tour worker offers a blend of travel and tourism products. Which they mix into a package, and then sold to customers. This, for example, may involve going to your target; transfer from the hotel or train stop to the hotel. As well as many trips, activities, or experiences throughout the stay of customers.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Online travel agents, or OTAs, do many duties compared to those of traditional travel agents, even though they perform online. However, the use of online platforms means that customers often reach a higher level of automation. With OTAs helping users to search for travel products that suit their needs.

Cruises – Hospitality and Travel Industry

Cruise boats, designed for fun, not just for boating purposes. Sailing can have a kind of stops along the way, but riders will spend most of their time on the boat, which will provide them with service, parties, catering, and more.

Car Rental

Car rental services provide customers who need short access to a car. In many cases, these services use by tourists traveling to other parts of the world. Even if some locals may wish to rent a car, mainly if they do not have proper access to it, or if they need a large number of tourist seats.


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