Twitter announces Fleets and Audio Posts

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Twitter announces Fleets and audio posts, two new things Twitter has not done

Twitter is finally allowing users to post content temporarily, starting today.

The new feature – tested in various markets this year – is called Fleets, and it looks as bad as Snapchat News. Twitter is also exploring a new audio feature called audio space that is very similar to the Invitational Audio-based audio launch app launched by Clubhouse earlier this year. Together, these new initiatives show how Twitter. A popular public viewing platform is trying to increase the way people communicate on its platform.

Twitter, however, does what Facebook has done many times: it mimics the characteristics of successful competitors’ products to stay on the same level. These new features also indicate that Twitter, like Facebook, is becoming increasingly interesting in private and group sharing. Both of these new tools show that Twitter wants to attract potential users who are reluctant to share publicly and permanently on the platform. In terms of active users, Twitter is still much smaller than Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

 “It’s no surprise that the typical conversation on Twitter is a high volatile exchange between many people,” said Twitter product leader Kayvon Beykpour.

“That is very powerful. But if we want to allow a wider range of conversations to emerge, we need to support other formats. We need to support other use cases that help people have a well-thought-out, thought-provoking debate that you can’t put into 280 characters. ”

The new feature of Fleets, for example, enables users to send to their fans content that disappears after 24 hours. It looks like news on Facebook and Instagram – and on Snapchat. Just as they are on Facebook and Instagram Stories, the links to Fleets are from the top part of the Twitter app and are available by clicking on the profile picture of the individual account.Twitter announces Fleets

Like Instagram and Snapchat news, people will be able to share in response to other tweets, videos, and photos. Finally, users will be able to upload stickers and live streaming, the company said. Significantly, Twitter has not erected a way to avert someone from taking a Fleet screenshot or a notification method when someone takes a screenshot of your tweet.

Prominently, Fleets cannot rewrite or share. Responses to Fleets will be confidential and will serve as part of the existing Twitter message system. The goal is, in part, to attract users who are reluctant to post publicly in the app to participate in this way. Also, Fleets is launching today worldwide. So every Twitter user, comprising President Trump, will be able to access a new feature.

Twitter announces Fleets and Audio Posts

Then there are audio spaces, an audio-based chat tool. Spaces build on audio tweets that include Twitter launched earlier this year allowing people to post their voice recordings up to 140 seconds long. The tool constant to emerge this fall, and the company also introduced writing features in 2021. Following criticism that the tool is not available to deaf or hard of hearing people.

The idea behind audio spaces is to make the Twitter feature more relaxed. With the new feature, the user will be able to start a conversation and allow others to contribute or listen. The company likens this feature to a “well-held dinner party” and expects the tool to use in an argument. Yes, it looks like a Clubhouse.

Audio posts will not be obtainable to the general public yet. Twitter is still planning to make a try again And like Clubhouse – plans to start releasing this feature with a limited number of invitations.

Twitter announcements

While these new and upcoming features are an effort to get operators to do new equipment on its platform. They will also call for new challenges in content rating. With audio gaps, for instance, Twitter has to deal with a deceptive, technical question of capturing live audio content. The clubhouse has to face the challenge of creating and enforcing its platform rules and recently reviews after a 300-person discussion that became a Jewish debate. At the same time, the Fleets feature offers a new way of false information distribution. And pushing for direct messages means that non-public content is not readily available to other users and moderators.

Twitter announces FleetsHowever, we should not expect Twitter to stop trying anytime soon. The company says it is still learning how the transformation of its election season product has worked well and has indicated that it can continue to affect those features. Twitter is also exploring ways to make a secret apology and encourage forgiveness to encourage more empathy on the platform. Just last month, company CEO Jack Dorsey revealed his desire to allow users to choose their algorithms. An action that could drastically change Twitter as we know it.

All of this movement is a sign that the platform has no interest in limiting what has been done before. And is a reminder that social media companies still feel completely free to undo each other’s products.




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