A Vision of the Future from Dell World

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A Vision of the Future from Dell World

Dell World was there last week, and it was definitely different this year because it was done almost. One of the most exciting parts of Dell World is the session on the future. Over the years they have announced the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the coming wave of robots.

This year, they talked about a new branch of engineering that focuses on AI only. The integrated technological change surrounding food production. How AI deliberately corrupt? And how music, math, and the Internet are making new forms of entertainment.

Let’s talk about that this week, and I’ll close with a product of the week-long that is not quite a product – technology that will turn your earbuds into smart earbuds and give you great power (well, great power anyway).

Genevieve Bell: The 3A Institute on AI

Genevieve Bell is one of my beloved people and an Intel Senior Fellow working on their research organization. She opened this section next time talking about a new effort he is leading that combines many very different skills with people to build a new engineering branch that focuses only on artificial intelligence. I call it engineering-centric because the people involved come from many backgrounds and skills including engineers and human scientists, anthropologists, policy experts, and even artists.Vision of the Future

Unlike many other efforts that seem to emphasize technology, Genevieve arises with studies on the history of cybernetics dating back to the 1940s and 1950s that began to define space. In Australia, for example, where the effort is based? However, they study the traps of indigenous fish that were used in the early parts of the last century and have worked successfully for centuries before that to get guidance.

This study course focuses on asking questions rather than solving problems. Often, jumping into problem-solving forces people to act strategically without acknowledging the magnitude of the problem of related dependence. It can hide the potential damage of the solution to an existing solution. Focusing on the questions first helps to ensure that the problem is fully explained, creating a path to a more complete and secure solution.

The 6 core queries they ask about their AI efforts are:


Even if the system can do without user intervention. Does it automatically accomplish its intended purpose?

Agency – A Vision of the Future from Dell World

Whether the program exit restricts to the specified operation area. Does it do what it aims to do, or will it exceed its target parameters to do the unintended things?


This is a quality metric that ensures that the results are safe, secure, reliable, and compliant with the surrounding laws, well managed, and do what is intended.


How does AI connect and interact with the world, people, and other systems? Are they interacting and communicating effectively and efficiently?

References – A Vision of the Future from Dell World

How do you monitor this? What is the external process to ensure that the system does not move forward?


What was the purpose of the designers? What did they want to achieve? And is the result consistent with the purpose of those who created it?

The group introduced the king program and current students from all over the world enrolled in it. Eventually, it is this work, and those like it, that will help ensure that future AIs do not make the “Terminator” unfortunately prophetic.

Amanda Little: Creating a Blended Agricultural Future

\Amanda Little then followed, and she discussed the problems we face today with food. However, as a result of the epidemic, farms not only produce large quantities of food, people starve because they cannot find food. Delivering food waste quickly during the epidemic has become a major problem. With crops rotting in fields and food banks complaining of severe shortages.Vision of the Future

One of the problems is that farming seems to divide between those who want to push technology. However, that may not be safe and those who want to return to traditional, unconventional agriculture. Amanda argued that what we need is your combination of both so that weed killers and pesticides stay out of our food sources, but only when we use advanced technology to increase yields. He has written an exciting book entitled “The Fate of Food.”

Amanda’s study referred her to the U.S. Even in 15 countries to look at modern and ancient farming methods – and conclude that food is ripe for regeneration. The large-scale investment was made in automatic farming and industrialization. Moreover, from warehouses that provide high yields with minimal use of resources that reduce. If not eliminate, the need for pesticides and herbicides; robotic farming machines that supply small amounts of fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides that do not pollute the soil and food.

She decided after talking about the development and further growth of artificial meat, as well as efforts to grow parts of the animal that we will eat. That the best solutions combine old and new farming techniques to be safer, better, and more enjoyable.

Wrapping Up

Firstly, we are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we are not yet ready. But persons like Genevieve Bell, Amanda Little, Mainak Mazumdar, and DJ Spooky (I love that name), are working to ensure that the outcome of this change will be beneficial to the human race and not make the Terminator franchise prophetic.

Moreover, AI is smart and impartial, a common and safe food to eat even after the negative impact of climate change. And perhaps the basis for a combination of deep code and truth that I think could turn magical is still our future if we listen to people like that. The future is approaching whether we prepare ourselves or not. These people work for us to make sure we are ready.

Thank you to Paul, Mainak, Amanda, and the wonderful Genevieve Bell for helping prepare the world for the powerful changes to come that we may not have lived through as a race. In this article, I have described the vision of the future of Dell World.




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