What is an SEO Friendly Website & Why Do You Require It?

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Numerous times you hear the word “SEO friendly” or “SEO friendly website” but what does this mean and why do you require one? How can a friendly SEO website help your business raise?

These are the questions I am going to try to answer in this post by avoiding technical terms or practices as well as high-quality SEO ideas.

SEO Friendly Website

What do we mean by SEO Friendly Website?

What is an SEO friendly website? SEO-friendly websites brand it simple for search engines to crawl and comprehend its structure and content.

The most significant features of an SEO friendly website are:

1 – Contains different headings and descriptions for all pages

Each web page (containing the home page) has an exclusive title and description.

Titles are between 60-65 characters and their definitions are approx. 150 characters. However, headings and descriptions accurately describe what this page is about without pressing keywords.

2 – Well formatted URLs – URLs

Enduring links or slugs (that’s the URL of the web page) are evocative, all cases low and separated by dashes.

3- Fast loading web pages – SEO Friendly Website

People or search engines do not want slow-moving websites. In contrast to fast loading, websites are SEO friendly (meaning they have the advantage of standing algorithms on slow websites) and generate more user interaction (marketing, signing newsletters, posting contact forms, etc.).

 4 – It has unique content

Website content is not available elsewhere on the web, all pages have sole and useful content. Moreover, that means that a site cannot be SEO friendly if it has content copied from other sites.

5 – Comprises pictures that are optimized for search engines

Search engines favor authentic text, but you also require to have images on your pages because people like you, make your content stimulating, easy to read, shareable, and so on.

SEO Friendly Website

When doing so, ensure the images are sized and that you have set a sound image file name and ALT text.

6 – Pages have a meaningful structure

A web page usually has the following features:

  • Header
  • Breadcrumb menu
  • Page Heading (that’s the H1 tag – there is a solitary one per page)
  • Well-structured text – text divided into a few short paragraphs with subheadings
  • Author information
  • Footer

Why do you need an SEO friendly website?

Somewhat numerous CEOs, small corporate owners, or new webmasters do not easily understand why you require an SEO-friendly website as well as why to make an effort to make your website friendly to search engines.

Yes, the reasons are many but the ones you have to know are:

1 – Rise in organic traffic

As expected, an SEO-friendly website will get you more traffic from search engines as it is more likely to rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Considering that most people who use the search box tend to pick one of the first 5 results. Moreover, you can understand the importance of SEO.

2 – It will brand your site user friendly

SEO is not only search engines but good SEO and users as well. Incorporating SEO principles into your website will make it easier to use and this will improve the user experience.

3 – It gives you brand credibility

Users may trust websites (businesses) found on the first pages of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Therefore, this is good for product awareness and product reliability.

4 – It is cost-effective – SEO Friendly Website

An SEO website will drive targeted traffic 24 × 7 without having to spend money on PPC or other forms of online advertising. While there are costs to get to that point, the long-term benefits are great.

5 – It assistances you comprehend what your most significant customers want

SEO drives high-quality traffic and analyzes the performance of those users (how they get into your website, what they click, how they leave, as well as what they like, etc.) is an excessive way to comprehend? What your clients need and customize your website or products to match their requirements.

6 – SEO is even more significant on mobile

A friendly portable website with good rankings in mobile search can find many customers and road websites that are not compatible with mobile SEO.

Many users utilize their mobile phones to search for information or products while on the go it is important to have more search results otherwise you lose customers in the competition, particularly those looking for local goods or services.


An SEO-friendly site has certain characteristics and features that help search engines comprehend what a website is about as well as this increases the chances of getting better ranks in SERPS.

The most significant advantage of having an SEO friendly website is that you will get the most targeted traffic from search engines.


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