What is Computer Security? Introduction to Computer Security

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The Internet has changed our lives in many wonderful ways. Unfortunately, this large network and its associated technologies are also bringing rise, a growing number of security threats. The most effective way to defend yourself from these threats and attacks is to know the common methods of cybersecurity. The article “What Is Computer Security?” familiarizes an introduction to computer security and its key concepts.

What is computer security?

Computer security is mostly to protect computer systems and information from damage, theft, and illegal use. It is a way to prevent and detect unauthorized use of your computer system.

Computer Security

Many types of computer security are widely utilized to protect important organizational information.

What are Computer Security and its types?

  • One way to find out the similarities and differences between computer securities is to ask what is safe. For example,
  • Information security protects data from illegal access, modification, and deletion
  • Application security protects the app by creating security features to protect Cyber threats such as SQL injection, DoS attacks, data breaches, etc.
  • Computer Security means protecting a private machine by charge it updated and attached
  • Network Security by protecting both software and hardware technologies
  • Cybersecurity is demarcated as the protection of computer programs, which are connected to a computer network
  • It is significant to comprehend the differences between these terms, even though there is no clear agreement on the meanings and extent to which they differ or exchange.
  • Therefore, computer security can be clear as fixed controls to provide the privacy, integrity, and accessibility of all components of a computer system. Let us explain in more detail the meaning.

Components of computer system

The components of a computer system that necessary protection is:

  • Computer hardware, a virtual component of a computer, such as a system memory and disk space
  • Firmware, permanent software installed in Hardware device memory and not very visible to the user
  • Software, a program that provides services, such as an operating system, a word processor, an Internet browser for a user

Why is Computer Security Important?

In this digital age, we all want to retain our computers and data safe and secure, so computer security is essential to keep our data safe. It is also important to maintain the security of our computer and its overall health by preventing viruses and malware that could affect system performance.

Computer Security

Computer Security Practices

Threats to computer security are on the rise these days. There is a great need for someone to equip themselves with the knowledge and resources to protect themselves from these complex and growing computer security threats online. Other preventive measures you can take include:

Secure your computer physically by:

  • Installing reliable, reputable security and anti-virus software
  • Activating your firewall, because the firewall turns as a security guard between your Internet and your native network
  • Stay up to date with the newest software and news surrounding your devices and perform software updates as soon as they become accessible
  • Evade clicking on an email attachment without knowing the source
  • Use the internet with caution and ignore pop-ups, drive-by downloads through surfing
  • Utilize the Internet with caution and ignore spam, download-driven while surfing
  • Take the time to research the basics of computer security and teach yourself about the development of cyber threats
  • Perform a full system scan every day and make a backup program from time to time to make sure your data is available in case something happens to the computer.
  • Apart from this, there are numerous ways you can protect your computer system. Features like encryption and computer cleaning can help protect your computers and their files.
  • Unfortunately, the number of cyber threats is increasing rapidly and complex attacks are emerging. Therefore, having a good foundation in cybersecurity concepts will allow you to protect your computer from frequent cyber threats.
  • If you wish to study cybersecurity and build a brilliant career in cybersecurity, then read our Cybersecurity article. This article will help you understand cybersecurity more deeply and help you achieve expertise in that field.

What are the types of firewalls?

1/ packet-filtering firewall checks every packet that crosses the firewall and checks the package according to the rules you set. If the package permits the test, it is permitted to pass. If the package does not pass, it is rejected. Package filters are the most expensive type of fire. Because of this, package filter firewalls are very common.

2/ SPI (Stateful packet inspection) is a step towards improved intelligence to filter simple package. A firewall with clear package testing looks for packages by groups and not by individuals. It retains track of which packets have been accepted through the firewall and may detect patterns that indicate unauthorized access.

3/DPI (Deep Packet inspection) the real content of packs test to prevent viruses, spam, and other harmful content. DPI also lets practices, such as data mining, snooping, and content censorship, which make its use a contentious subject.

Lastly, the Internet has altered and very improved our lives. This huge network and its associated technologies have opened the door to a growing number of security threats for individuals, families, and businesses to protect themselves. The effects of the attack can range from mild discomfort to complete exhaustion. Important data can be lost, privacy may be compromised, and an external attacker may use your computer may use your computers on the Internet.


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