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Google Project Guide uses AI to help low-level users navigate practical lessons

In partnership with the non-profit organization Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Google today launched an AI program called Project Guideline. Intended to help the blind and visually impaired to run races independently with just a smartphone. Using a GPS tracking app with a goggle designed by Google to deliver audio commands to show the location of a pre-established lineup. Guiding Eyes Blind CEO Thomas Panek tried to use Virtual Runners’ Virtual Run Thanks for 5K in Central Park.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2015, a total of 1.02 million people in the U.S. They are blind and an estimated 3.22 million people are visually impaired. Technology is there to help the blind and visually impaired to navigate the challenging terrain of everyday life. But those wishing to run must rely on a guide animal or a guide for the person who is holding on. Google Project Guide

The Google Advice app works offline and requires a drawn-out guide only for pedestrians. Users wear an Android phone at the waist using the above-mentioned harnesses; the Guideline app uses a machine learning model that looks at a painted line and identifies it. (The model, from the Google hackathon, reports on weather variables and lighting conditions.) Then, the app measures the user’s location and delivers audio response through bone headphones to help keep them in the guide. If the user is to the left of the line, they will hear a sound in their left ear increasing in volume and inconsistency. As well as, if the user moves to the right of the line, a similar will happen to the right ear.

“Imagine walking down a hallway in the dark with your arms outspread. As you wander left, you will feel the wall with your left hand and go back to the center to fix it. However, “a Google spokesman told Venture Beat through email. “

As you steer to the right, you will feel the wall with your right hand and reoccurrence to the center to adjust. A similar applies to the Project guide, only you feel the limits on your left and right, rather than feel them. ”

In addition to the trial with Panek, Google plans to work with organizations to help paint guidelines in different communities and give more feedback – Google Project Guide

The introduction of the guide comes after Google launched a detailed in-depth map guide. However, which informs users when to turn around and tells them. Whenever they are approaching a crossroads so they can be careful when crossing. The company also continues to develop the Lookout. Moreover, an access-based application that can identify integrated feeds using computer view. Scanning documents to make it easier to review letters and emails, and more.



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