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Accenture, Amazon Web Facilities, and Deloitte are the most powerful cloud services providers. Rendering to a new report from the Information Services Group. Accenture has taken the top spot in two phases – consultation and alteration services and public cloud services management. Also, AWS has been a leader in state-of-the-art infrastructure and SAP HANA infrastructure services. Deloitte is ranked among the four leaders in the field of governance services, risk, and compliance.

The ISG Provider Lens Quadrant report for public cloud providers explores solutions and services in terms of portfolio attractiveness and keenness.

The global market for infrastructure-like services (IaaS) has grown by 14% per year over the third quarter, according to data from the ISG index. Besides, in the first three quarters of 2020, IaaS had increased by about 20% to $ 17.8 billion, according to the report.

Cloud Services

ISG has acquired the following broad trends in the cloud market:

  • Changes focused on cloud history instead of ups and downs
  • Direct contributions to support sector coherence
  • Multicloud is the norm
  • Expansion of managed services to cover hybrid and cloud-based infrastructure
  • Also, growing demand for cloud management, risk management, and compliance services
  • Growing demand for infrastructure-like service and platform-as-a-service
  • HANA is a new SAP method

The report covers the full range of cloud services containing:

  • Consultation and transformation services (big and small accounts)
  • Governance, risk and compliance facilities
  • Public managed cloud services (big and small accounts)
  • Hyperscale infrastructure and platform facilities

SAP HANA infrastructure services – Cloud Services

The ISG has four supplier labels: Leader, Product Challenge, Market Challenge, and Competition. The report also identifies “rising stars” with great potential for entry into the leader’s quadrant. The report comprises thorough reviews of the leaders in each quadrant and the profile of any of the growing stars in the category.

Cloud Services

Here is a brief review of each of the five categories involving leaders and each rising star.

Consulting and transformation services

The ISG has recognized seven leaders and one rising star in this category. Accenture is high on the list. The strength of Accenture is its consultative practice, its strong partnerships with drug dealers such as AWS, Alibaba, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, as well as its direct performance. The ISG suggested Accenture expand its reach by building more reasonable midmarket services and smaller companies.

The full list of leaders in the main account class is:

  • Accenture
  • Cognizant
  • Capgemini
  • HCL
  • IBM
  • TCS
  • Wipro

Infosys is the one that comes up in this category. An international IT company based in India has won the position because it recently received major turnaround deals. Infosys has also been growing rapidly in public cloud consultation.

Governance, risk, and compliance services

There are four leaders in this class with Deloitte at the top of the list followed by PwC, KPMG, and EY. Deloitte’s strengths are a strong risk factor, great performance, as well as security embedded in the platform. Also, the ISG notes that there is a thin line between the company’s cloud consultation and management, risk. Also, operations management (GRC), which could lead to a conflict of interest.

Accenture is one rising star. The company’s assets are a strong public sector focus and a comprehensive GRC solution, according to the ISG.

Managed public cloud services

The ISG notes that the ecosystem was growing at a rapid rate as cloud acceptance increased.

There are eight leaders in this class with Accenture at the top. However, the report notes that Accenture has invested nearly $ 1 billion in staff training with an emphasis on cloud technology. This training investment is one of the company’s strengths and industry-specific solutions and the power of hyper-automation. Besides, the ISG recommends that Accenture put in place its “magnificent” portfolio to offer a complete reduction of complexity.

NTT Data is a rising star. This global IT service provider is based in Tokyo with the North American headquarters in Texas. Besides, the ISG has listed the company’s ability to promote automation and containers as dual power. Besides, its ability to use an expanded NTT team, which includes data and communication teams.

Hyperscale infrastructure and platform services

This category has three leaders – AWS, Microsoft, and Google – and there are no rising stars. Moreover, the ISG classifies AWS’s leading benefits as a reason for its dominance in infrastructure – as a service and platform space as a service. Other strengths of the company are the broad and deep nature of its portfolio of cloud services, rapid design, and the growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. The ISG also recommends that AWS simplify its large product portfolio, pricing, tools, and services to reduce the number of handshake customers need to understand all of your options.

SAP HANA infrastructure services

In this section, the ISG is looking for providers who can handle the SAP software portfolio. Therefore, namely SAP S / 4HANA loads and HANA data. Providers had to have a clear plan and systematic approach to handling these responsibilities and knowledge of the complexities of migration and operation.

There are only two leaders in this category who have a higher American Web Services (AWS) rating than Microsoft. AWS has heldthe top spot due to its scope and range. However, its great migration plans, and SAP’s dedicated capacity, and SAP accreditation in the partner area, the report said.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has been recognized as a rising star due to its fast migration system, SAP asset management capabilities, and continued investment in infrastructure. The ISG suggests that the GCP upgrading its SAP-based infrastructure to bring into line with the two leaders and meet the growing demand from business customers in SAP workloads to be shifted to the public cloud.


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