What is Email Hosting and types of email services available?

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Email hosting in general

Email hosting is an online hosting administration that provides standard email and related services to email servers. The email hosting services are accessible at a premium with premium features and are different from free ad-supported webmail services with quality and spam security. Hosting companies usually offer one or more email accounts for web hosting acquisitions. However, it can also buy as a distinct service for anyone with a domain.

email hosting

Business email quality varies with the chosen hosting type. For example, with standard shared hosting, website accounts assistants with a website usually store on the same server as the website. With standard shared hosting as well, the email services offered are usually limited to POP3 email and are the only basic protection against virus and spam. When an email is hosted through a set of technologies or cloud services, accounts are more likely to be on dedicated email servers. Besides, users often offer many premium features such as IMAP email hosting and advanced virus protection services.

What types of email services are available?

There are many types of email services a hosting company can offer. The price of each service depends on your requirement. All email services have one common feature, and that’s filtering email. Email filtering works to reduce spam and defend your inbox from viruses. With stringency depending on the participating company. Incoming email filter through a series of rules that ‘mark’ or divert malicious or unsolicited email as it is sent to your account.

Basic Email Hosting

This is email hosting as described above. POP3 and IMAP hosting are obtainable for utilization with an email client for example Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. Webmail also often offer. This is when you access your email within your web browser.

Email-based Collaborative Services

Collaborative email services offer improved email by additional interactive software. This will include things like address books, calendars, folders, and to-do lists that can be shared, viewed, and organized among a group of people. These types of services can be very helpful to businesses and other companies that need to work online.

Email Filtering Relay

Email forwarding is a useful anti-spam tool when you have your own internal server and post, but you want to remove spam and fight viruses in the cloud. It transfers work by receiving emails on your behalf. The email then filters spam and other unwanted emails before sending everything else to your in-house server.

Selecting an email hosting service

Almost every web hosting provider today provide email hosting services. These services look very similar at the top, so how do you decide which corporate mail service to choose? Is the cheap hosting service a compromise or a better option? Here are some factors to consider when choosing your email hosting provider.

IMAP/POP and SMTP access:

Check the email access type provided by your service provider. IMAP and POP (or POP3) are procedures used for “reading” or accessing emails, the SMTP protocol used for “sending” email messages. Make sure your email hosting provider allows the flexibility to select the agreements you need to configure your emails.

email hosting

Exchange and Webmail:

Although most do, not all corporate mail providers enable webmail to admittance your email. Even those who enable webmail to retrieve not always set to give the Exchange email require by most business clients. Ensure the email hosting provider gives webmail and/or mail exchange depending on your demands. This will enable you to check and respond to email on the go, from public computers, even if you do not have your computer, laptop, smartphone, or your usual email access methods available for any reason.

Email filtering:

Filter lets you sort your emails according to pre-set rules. This can be very important when you receive a lot of emails and you need to organize them as per your agreement. Make sure your corporate mail provider allows you to set up email filters that suit you.


Security accents vary between different business email providers. Spam filtering, anti-virus check, firewall, etc., can make the difference between trouble-free email and persistent problems. Evaluate and assess security measures offered by your business email provider.


The ability to set auto-responders can create as many emails you receive through your website. Whether you set up default responders or not. How many autoresponders you can set, etc., can be a big difference between corporate mail providers.

Other features:

There are many other features you can compare to your need. This may cover the ability to set up email aliases, set up a hosted email account, email forwarding, email distribution setup settings. As well as email marketing features given by corporate mail providers. Businesses often ignore this until the need for any of these services need only to find out that the service provider may not be helping the need or giving additional costs.


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