What is SmartPen? An Introductory Guide

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For writers and readers alike, pen and paper can be reminiscent of an ancient, analog writing style. However, there is another alternative to the use of paper and pen with only a wish: a natural use rate that encourages us to switch to the modern world of technology rather than retire. So what is the future of writing notes, thoughts, or plot points in the next great American novel? Meet the smartpen.

What is a smartpen?

A smartpen is basically a pen that contains a camera, audio recorder, and a built-in computer that enables users to record, store, and upload data. Livescribe Smartpens currently dominates the market with its main product: Pulse Smart Pen. That means that built on an open Java platform, interested and talented engineers have access to the source code they need to complete or expand the design. And with the recent release of an improved model called the Echo Smartpen, we may be seeing new and exciting developments soon.


How does smartpen work?

There is an infrared camera on the back of the pen that records what you type. Using special paper that uses a dotting system, a pattern of specially printed microdots is what allows the camera to track and record the strokes of your writing. Also, there are controls at the bottom of the page that enable its audio features. To activate audio recordings, simply tap the “on” button using your smartpen. To transfer your notes and audio to your computer, you put a pen to its bed and connect it to your machine. Once the data has been uploaded, you can view your notes and audio tracks from your computer.

Why do I need it?

For journalists or students, in particular, the recording feature can be very helpful. When enabled, the pen not only records the sound around you as you type but also aligns the recording with what you recorded at the time. So, for example, let’s say you go back to your notes later in the day and find that the meaning is not clear. All you have to do is tap on the confusing section of your notes and the sound will play what was said (in this case, by a professor or in class). While taking those notes.

The Benefits of a Using a Smartpen

Smartpens make taking notes less stressful by removing the fear of missing information being said in class or a meeting. They also eliminate the time-consuming task of writing a complete speech by enabling students to access any part of the recorded teacher by simply tapping words. Notes are digitized and easy to store, edit, search, and share.


What Type of Paper Do Smartpens Work On?

Smartpens need a special Livescribe paper that sells in writing form. Each sheet contains a grid of thousands of microdots that make the page interact.

The high-speed smartpen camera reads dot patterns and can insert handwritten notes and synchronize them with the corresponding sound. At the bottom of each page shows the interactive icons. You are tapping to perform tasks such as recording or pausing audio or location bookmarks.

How Can Smartpens Help Students With Disabilities?

Students with dyslexia or other learning incapacities sometimes fight to keep up with class discussions. In the time it takes to hear, process, and record information, the professor often moves on to the next point.

With a smartpen, the reader can explain key concepts by writing the points of letters or symbols (eg a leaf that will represent photosynthesis). Giving easy access to any part of the lesson can improve note-taking skills and build confidence and independence.

For college students with disabilities (consisting of those who qualify for audio recordings). The smartpen can sometimes take the place of a self-proclaimed notification-solution for many disability services that provide students with access to classes.

Access What You’ve Written and Recorded

When the lecture is over, hit Stop. Later, you can select Play to listen to the entire talk, tap words. Or skip between bookmarks to hear specific sections.

If you take 10 pages of notes, and then tap the letter point on page six, the pen repeats what you heard while writing the note.

The Echo smartpen has a private headphone jack. It also has a USB port to connect a pen to a computer to load conversations. Get Start Guide instructs users on how to download free Livescribe software.

What Can You Do With the Software?

The software shows icons representing textbooks. When you click one, all notes write inside that notebook appear.

The software shows the same icon buttons on each book page. You can navigate the internet with the click of a mouse in the same way. When you touch a pen on a piece of paper.

The program also has a search box to find specific words from the speech. You can also listen to audio-only.


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